3 Tips for the Holidays

Happy Holidays to you all.
As you enter this busy (somewhat frantic) season, you’ll need all your organizing skills. Here’s 3 easy tips to help you get started:

First tip – simplify your life by giving fewer gifts. Back in the 90s, I read a wonderful book called “Unplug the Christmas Machine” the authors proposed replacing shopping with family experiences such as taking all your nephews and nieces somewhere, baking with them, caroling – you get the idea. In addition, they propose offering to take friends out for a meal, to see a movie, or for a hike. I know I’d rather have time with my loved ones than a gift.
Second tip – attend only the events you really enjoy and guard your time so you can enjoy your family and friends. So often we run ourselves ragged trying to attend everything.
Third tip – purge closets, toy boxes, kitchen cupboards, etc., BEFORE bringing in new items.
Tell me what your best holiday tip is . . .

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