Valentines Day and Organizing?

You might not think those two topics go together but I have to disagree. We just had a fun weekend.  On both days we worked in San Francisco for male clients getting their houses organized before new partners could move in.  In some ways, the clients were very different – one lived in a very … Read more

Liberating a Guest Room

I had a great 4-hour session this morning helping a client whose guest room had become a catch-all room.  She was motivated by a garage sale being held by one of her favorite charities so was able to let more than 50% go.  After decluttering, we re-packed and labeled the remainder and the room now … Read more

5 things to STOP hoarding in 2015

I was recently interviewed by “our leftover bolts and stacks of sticky notes rarely (never?) empower us to conquer complex problems. If we’re honest, they really just clutter up our lives.”  read more HERE Thanks to journalist Tammy Kennon (who explores the universal truths of being a tiny human on a glorious planet) for making … Read more

Sometimes work is a privilege

This week my team coordinated a move for a wonderful couple. We were so impressed with their attitude to all the chaos and change around them. I don’t approve of the way words like “bravery” are often thrown around but that is what I witnessed this week. They were leaving a home they built 41 … Read more