Omnibus Organizing is ready to help with all your organizing and storage needs.

1630 North Main Street, #144
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Moving Coordination

  • Let us purge and organize before your move – unpacking will go twice as fast.
  • Don’t pay to haul unwanted items.
  • We can unpack for you – so you get established faster.
  • We’ll even make the beds and set up the coffee station for you.


  • Is your business growing faster than your office systems can accommodate?
  • Does your office represent your professional image?
  • How much time do you waste looking for things you know you have?
  • How many times do you buy more supplies then find the original ones?
  • Do you store client information? Our NAPO code of ethics protects confidentiality.

Space Planning

  • We can make your space work for you.
  • Don’t keep struggling – set up the right systems.
  • Removing clutter increases energy flow.
  • Enjoy your home again.
  • Our smart solutions will remove frustrations and help you thrive.