Valentines Day and Organizing?

You might not think those two topics go together but I have to disagree.

We just had a fun weekend.  On both days we worked in San Francisco for male clients getting their houses organized before new partners could move in.  In some ways, the clients were very different – one lived in a very modern apartment block and the other in a charming, craftsman-style home – but both homes were cluttered.  Luckily, they were determined to make their homes welcoming for the women they love.  They donated and tossed a huge variety of items to prepare to start a new stage of life.  It seemed like a physical manifestation of the phrase “making room in your life for new experiences”.  Surely this is the best declaration to make on Valentines day?

We left both jobs tired – but delighted with what the clients accomplished.   Making transitions is what we enjoy most about this job.

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