Making room in your life

Many times, I’ve seen clients declutter their home and gain new jobs, hobbies or even lovers.   Just this month, I received a note from a client from a year ago with similar news.  “Guess what? I am moving again! The good news is that I am in love and my boyfriend and I just bought a house together.

Anyway… Packing made me think of you. In fact, I am feeling incredibly grateful to you, because you changed the way I look at my possessions and my living space.

When you unpacked and organized everything for me, you helped me throw away a lot of stuff I didn’t need. You also organized my cabinets and drawers in such a way that there was a place for everything, and if it didn’t have a place, it might make sense to toss it.

It might sound a little overly dramatic, but you changed my life. The order outside helps my order inside of me. I feel calmer and less anxious in a clean, open space that is uncluttered because it is unburdened by things.

As I’m packing, I’m employing some of the methods you showed me. I have “like” items in Ziplocs within my boxes, so they will be easy to put away. All office supplies in one Ziploc. On the other end, I can remove them all at once and just transfer the bags to their new places in my new home. I no longer have “junk drawers,” you see. I have items sorted and in tidy bags instead of all tossed together. For some reason, this gives me intense satisfaction.   . . . . .  Anyway, thank you Joy.  You sparked Joy into my home and changed the way I live and it’s a really positive thing!   So I thought I’d give you the update, since I am moving exactly one year after moving here. It’s the “where are they now” episode. Ha ha.”   (B.B, San Jose)

It makes me very happy to have helped her live a better life.

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