Organized Garage

Before - you can't even walk into the garage
Before – So dis organized, you can’t even walk into the garage
After - Work bench accessible and organized
After – Work bench accessible and organized

Ok – I admit I’m a sucker for a well organized garage. The above was said by a very motivated client last Saturday. We cleared out his garage, assembled shelving and boxed and labeled for hours. We sent 3 SUVs full of donations off to support other people and we filled a small dumpster with trash. A good day’s work as you can see in the attached photos.  Our clients were a young couple with a toddler and they had wanted to organize their garage ever since moving in but . . .   Enter Omnibus Organizing!  We came with hats, gloves, mallets and sharp knives and did battle with the clutter. At the end of the day, our client said “you made our dreams come true”


Before / after shots
After – you can find what you need and park in the garage.

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