Your home should be your REFUGE  –  not a nagging to-do list.

Our goal is to simplify your life by designing a plan to help you function better. By removing clutter and setting up systems to deal with routine maintenance you will be liberated.

Some clients just need help with one area and we are done in a couple of sessions, others need a whole-house revitalization. Either way, we can work when it is convenient for you.

As Professional Organizers we set goals and coach you through the process. We don’t let the focus become blaming or tolerate negative energy. Don’t waste time working alone, try working with a real professional and get real results.

If you are ready to change to a strategic approach and want some meaningful support, contact Omnibus today (925.216.9883).

Here’s an example of what my team of three found after 1 hours work:  If you don’t believe the MG is in the BEFORE pic, focus on the roll bar and look at both pics.

Ominbus Organzing - Before
Omnibus Organizing - After

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