• Half-hour consultation – FREE – call 925.216.9883

  • HALF DAY – one-on-one session = $500

  • STARTER PACK – 6-hours with a team of two  = $1320 (save 12%)

  • POWER TEAM – 6-hours with four people = $2190 (save 27%)

  • Other options available

What exactly does a Professional Organizer do?

  • Plan the project (we know where to start).
  • Motivate you to complete work (no half-finished projects).
  • Provide emotional support (we understand it’s not just “stuff” to you).
  • Recommend resources (we know the right people for donations, hauling, painting, cleaning, etc.).
  • Be an Accountability Partner (we keep you on track – we know you need to get this done).

How long does it take?

This is a common question – it depends how fast can you make decisions. There’s really no such thing as the “average” job but – for ballpark figures – a 2 car garage takes a full day for a team of four; a reach-in closet takes 4 hours for one person. Ask yourself how much time you waste working around the problem.

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