Carpe Garageium (Seize the Garage)

As a Professional Organizer, I am opposed to clients using a storage space – it’s usually a slippery slope. Nevertheless, I wanted to share this amusing ad I saw online in the “Best of Craig’s List” – it ALMOST makes you want to rent a storage space.  (Thanks to Thorpe Park Storage)

“In the early stages of the excavation of Pompeii they unearthed a beautiful, well-preserved villa with a chariot parked outside a carriage house. Further excavation reveled that the carriage house was over-full of bins of old clothes, broken pottery, urns missing their stopper and crates of cuneiform tablets documenting 20 years of taxes paid to Caesar.

Fast forward almost 2,000 years. Do you park your vehicle in your garage? Of course you don’t. There’s no room. It’s in the DNA of peasants to hoard in case of a failed harvest. We fill our collective garages full to the ceiling with irreplaceable family heirlooms, priceless collectables and museum quality artifacts because we just might need them someday.

But history has shown that the rare individuals that are the first to break a conditioned behavior end up prospering beyond measure. Gutenberg was just tired of the clutter. His press was initially designed to compress a lot of stuff into a smaller box. The Wright Brothers were just trying to get rid of some old bicycles in an expeditious manner when a stiff wind came along. Even Hewlett and Packard had to clean out the garage before they got to work. My God man, you just need some room to think! There could be a time machine or a cure for cancer just waiting for you to git that **** out your garage! You owe it to mankind. Clean out your garage and rent my Thorpe Park storage space today.”

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