Sometimes work is a privilege

This week my team coordinated a move for a wonderful couple. We were so impressed with their attitude to all the chaos and change around them. I don’t approve of the way words like “bravery” are often thrown around but that is what I witnessed this week. They were leaving a home they built 41 years ago in a neighborhood with many good friends so there was a lot of sadness but it was tempered with a quiet determination to complete the move and begin anew in a retirement community. That’s where the bravery comes in – looking at something you have to do and knowing it will hurt but going ahead and doing it anyway because it is the right thing to do.
We felt truly privileged to be able to assist such wonderful people as they made their transition. Keeping their humor and appreciation of life’s idiocies intact in such circumstances speaks to their strength of character. What do you do when the grab bar in the shower is installed incorrectly and not safe? You could whine and moan or you can do what my clients did – shower together and laugh about it still being fun even after 50 years of marriage.
Coordinating a move is always a difficult job – there are just so many moving parts – but working for such brave people made the week a delight.

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