The Power of Gratitude
I just attended the NAPO-SFBA (National Association of Professional Organizers – San Francisco Bay Area Chapter) Conference in Marin County. While there I attended some excellent workshops on a variety of topics. However, as is so often the case with conferences, the conversations in hallways and at meal-tables were also fascinating. I realized how fortunate I am to be in a profession where I’m surrounded by colleagues who feel excited to be doing the work they do. So many people are stuck in jobs they no longer enjoy, it made me feel grateful to be choosing my clients and my hours of work. In addition, I realized that, although we are certainly not trained therapists, Organizers frequently help clients transition into better life situations. Many people I spoke with reflected on how awe inspiring it is to watch clients make these changes and how rewarding when a client mentions they are grateful for the support. So, as we approach the Thanksgiving Holiday, what do you have to be grateful for this year? Although its an old saying, its still true that one should “count your blessings” and be conscious of the richness of life. Studies show that people who practice gratitude have healthier and happier lives see Start your list and see how many things you can add. Mine begins with my 3 children, (the original two plus a son-in-law who has returned safe from Iraq this year) my family (in England and New Zealand) many friends who bring so much laughter and support into every day, my clients who each bring their unique challenges and successes and last, but not least, my students who come to tutoring with their individual notions of the world. That’s an awfully long list so I guess I’m an awfully lucky woman.

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