A Varied & Full Life

After 5 years in business, I was recently talking to a friend and realized how lucky I am.   I get to work with so many interesting people and every day is different – one day  I’ll be sitting in a nice air-conditioned office, doing nothing more strenuous than making file folder labels then the next I’m wearing mask, gloves, thick jeans, etc. and clearing out a rat & black-widow infested garage or storage shed.  The common thread is that my clients are ready to make  changes in their lives.  Sometimes, it’s a small one like finally going through that box of papers they inherited when a parent passed away (where I’m there as much for emotional support as anything else)  Other times, its down-sizing to move into an apartment after living in the same home for 40 years – 3500 sq ft down to 1200 sq ft  is  a FUN  challenge.  I am awed by many of my clients and feel blessed to be able to help with their transformations.

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