Wear What You’ve Never Worn Day

Ellen DeGeneres did a very good job of describing how hard it is to go through a closet and not make excuses to keep things “just in case.” Her idea of having a special day where you wear all the lonely items – bridesmaid dresses, “bargains” you never found the […] Read more »

You know you have a problem when

you move the end table and find a flashlight, mail from 2002, a box of jewelry and a quart of motor oil.  One of the constant mantras when teaching someone to be organized is “sort by category – put like items together.”  Cluttered homes don’t usually have that underlying organization. […] Read more »

Tax Prep Prep (yes, you are seeing it twice)

If you take a long time to assemble all necessary documents to prepare your tax return think about being better organized for next time. Here’s a few useful tips from Omnibus Organizing in the San Francisco Bay Area: As with all filing, the important questions isn’t “where should I put […] Read more »

7 Steps to Stop Clutter

If you often wonder “How did this get in my life?” try these 7 steps to limit your “incoming” https://www.donotcall.gov/ (reduce time wasting calls) https://www.optoutprescreen.com/?rf=t register to avoid those pesky (and ID Thief tempting) pre-approved credit offers http://privatecitizen.com/ (reduce junk mail and calls by over 70%) http://www.catalogchoice.org/ (get OFF mailing […] Read more »